The process of financing your home

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We’ve put together these steps to help you with taking the next step in purchasing the home of your dreams. 


Getting Started

First, you will need to start by compiling your Green File. Regardless of the loan type, lenders will need information about you. Make copies of financial statements; bank accounts, investments, credit cards, auto loans, recent pay stubs, and two years’ tax returns.


Shop For A Loan

Today, lenders can be found through a variety of sources. In addition to calling on ads in the newspaper, you can also find and apply to lenders over the internet, and through referrals from your REALTOR.


Know The Numbers

Typically, it costs under $50 to check your credit. With your permission, the lender will order a review of your outstanding loans and your repayment history from a third-party credit agency.


Get Pre-Approved

The pre-qualification process can be completed fairly quickly, based on less information than is required for getting pre-approved. While it is fast and it does help, a pre-qualification letter is an opinion from a lender of the maximum amount of real estate you can qualify for.


Applications & Processing

The mortgage broker is the person or company who is your main contact throughout your loan. They are often able to work with a number of lenders, who actually provide the funds for the loan.



When the lender is ready to “close” your loan, or “fund” it, your real estate agent and your mortgage broker will have you sign the final loan documents. Signing will typically take place in front of a notary or an escrow officer.

Find an Agent

You’ve decided to purchase. Now it’s time to select an agent fit for you! Browse a selection of Rhodes Realtors and find and agent in your area!