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Dominique Hall


Dominique was born and raised in Belcher, Louisiana and is now a resident of Shreveport, Louisiana.  She started her journey in Criminal Justice at Southern University & A&M College in Baton Rouge but completed and received her bachelor’s degree at Louisiana State University in Shreveport.  

With an extensive background in management, sales, and customer/client service, Dominique has always been about the business of helping others while keeping their best interest at heart. Also, she is one of the founders of D&D Academic Foundation, Inc., a local tutoring company that helps struggling students reach their academic goals.Dominique became a real estate agent to help others fulfill their desire of home ownership, be it new construction, purchasing, or selling to meet the needs of immediate family.  The experience of building a home, while building a family with her husband and three children, pushed her to help others go after their desires of a home.  

From the first contact to the end, you can count on her to use strong work ethic and dedication to see this experience through for you.  Dominique is all about executing every detail, as well as, being loyal, honest, and persistent.  She will get the job done while valuing your concerns and needs.